Everyone has the capacity to change their immediate surroundings. It is your sole decision to stay inactive or to contribute to the change you want to see

Empowering people

So many of us watch the daily news and feel like we should be doing something about it. We want to do something, but the monthly donation and let other do the job is just not our philosophy. 

We are a young generation, and maybe money is not so abundant. But our values are strong.

We want to learn. We want to be involved. To take action.

Salty Warriors is not an old-fashioned hierarchical organization. We like to think of it as a horizontal network of people who share those values and have realized that together we are capable of doing great things.

Would you like to be part of a beach clean up, film screening or else? Join any of our events across the world or simply volunteer a few hours during your week, every little counts.

Volunteer with us

If you think you have an useful ocean-related skill or knowledge and want to play a more constant role in the network, don't hesitate. Let's fight together!

become a warrior

Are you an institution, school, dive center, product brand or whatever similar? Do you feel that we could start together an exciting project? Let's join forces!

Partner up
Small changes in daily habits that help bigger changes to happen

How can I start changing my part now

Reduce overall consumption

We are continuously pushed to consume far more than what we really need to have a happy and balanced life. Think twice. Do you really need that new stuff? Reusing and recycling should always be the first options. Buy second hand and better quality that last longer. Feed that creativity!

Refuse disposable products

Single use wrapping, bags, straws, cutlery, boxes, bottles, cups... Their production releases large amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere. They then last forever... but are only used for seconds, sometimes. These are the obvious ones. But also think about clothing and fashion items manufactured to last until next sales period. They also contain plastic!

Eat responsibly

Probably there's no need that we go all vegan, but bear in mind that the higher you go in the food chain, the more resources were needed to produce that one calorie you are eating. Always check the label for the source of your food and avoid eating endangered or overfished species. Prioritize local, seasonal and fresh products.

Educate yourself

Information is powerful. Knowing about the reality of our planet makes it harder to biased media, politics and corporations to greenwash their businesses. It is then easier to make the right choices. Also, knowing makes us care about it. Follow independent media, learn what is happening out there.