Alice Lunardelli

Community Manager

Like many people I know out there, I wasn’t born knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I have and still am discovering exactly what that is, but so far the journey and experiences have been amazing. I graduated with a BA in International Relations, the degree everyone chooses when they aren’t sure what to do in life. However, and to my surprise, it turned out to be the perfect choice. Since it is such a broad and international degree I got the chance to study everything from US Politics to Climate Change. During my exchange in Sweden, I discovered that I could transform my passion for nature, animals and science into a career in sustainability. I enjoy exchanging ideas and thinking about new ways of seeing and living in today’s world. I want to engage and commit myself to a more honest and clean world, and that means tackling one of our biggest environmental problems: Plastic Pollution. That is why I am happy to be a part of the Plastic Oceans and Salty Warriors team, to help fight this battle.