Ocean’s team

Our Mission

We are a collective of creative and enthusiastic people who, because of their job or interest, are in constant connection with the ocean. Among us there are pro divers, surf instructors,marine photographers and many more. The ocean is our playing field and we are all in love with it.

We have this one thought: that people naturally protect what they love. That you cannot love what you don’t know. This is our mission. To spread the love we share to everybody in our reach.

Juan Castaño Vilas

Our founder

After graduating from Business Administration and Law, he spent a few years working in the corporate world, mostly in sales. However, Juan soon realized that there was much more to life than simply sitting in an office, making money. Hence, he quit his job and began backpacking the world. This journey of self-discovery took him to Australia for two years, fully immersing himself in a new culture and connecting to nature as never before. The pivotal point in Juan’s life came when he decided to move to St. Andrews, Scotland to complete a Master’s in Sustainable Development. During his time there, Juan discovered that the entire surrounding coastline was littered in plastics and marine debris. The dream of moving to a pristine and wild Scottish coast was over, but the time to act had only just begun. Juan’s experience and passion lead to him starting his own marine conservation organisation, Salty Warriors, which is made up of a network of warriors spread across the world aiming to defend our oceans and marine wildlife. Juan is also an enthusiast of outdoor sports, a certified Dive Master, and a pianist.

Álvaro Arrans

Senior manager

Our community center provides extensive range of physical activities including different sports for the people of all ages to stay fit, active and healthy.